Gjogv, Faroe Islands

Highlights from the beautiful Faroe Islands

I’ve travelled to 30 countries and I still haven’t found anywhere else quite like the Faroe Islands. They’re just so magical, so different. So pure and untouched by tourism, so elemental. In this video I’ve put together all the highlights and my favourite places from the two weeks I spent there to give you a taste of these amazing islands. I am still yearning to go back!

Locations featured (in order of appearance):

Sandavágur (aerial shot)
Miðvágur (aerial shot)
Gjógv (kids playing on a boat)
Kallur Lighthouse (sheep peekaboo)
Trøllanes (timelapse)
Tórshavn (Ólavsøka Boat Race)
Saksun (gardener)
Puffin on Mykines
Klaksvík harbour
Tjørnuvík (timelapse)
The mountain above Gásadalur

This was all shot on my Canon 5D3, which I have just started to experiment with in regards to film. That poor camera went through a lot!



14 thoughts on “Highlights from the beautiful Faroe Islands

  1. it’S a beautiful video and a beautiful place. So were there in june. How did you arrange you’re lodging and is it expensive?

    1. Thank you :) There are quite a lot of nice places on Airbnb (I stayed in a beautiful little house in Vestmanna for a few days), and they’re not too expensive.. otherwise there are quite a few nice B&Bs from about £40 a night, and there’s also quite a big hostel in the capital Torshavn (where I also stayed). But it’s not much cheaper than the other places (£25 a night) and definitely not as nice! Hope this helps – do ask anything else :)

      1. Really? And was there a kitchen? I am sorry to ask you all these questions? I don’t want to clog your blog with my questions. I can send you an email if you don’t mind. And thank you so much.

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