Best of the Faroe Islands

Recently I’ve been using my 5D3 camera for film, and during my two holidays in the Faroe Islands this summer I seriously put it through its paces. And 6 months later I finally made this:

… my favourite clips from my amazing two weeks in the Faroe Islands. Enjoy!


12 thoughts on “Best of the Faroe Islands

  1. it’S a beautiful video and a beautiful place. So were there in june. How did you arrange you’re lodging and is it expensive?

    1. Thank you :) There are quite a lot of nice places on Airbnb (I stayed in a beautiful little house in Vestmanna for a few days), and they’re not too expensive.. otherwise there are quite a few nice B&Bs from about £40 a night, and there’s also quite a big hostel in the capital Torshavn (where I also stayed). But it’s not much cheaper than the other places (£25 a night) and definitely not as nice! Hope this helps – do ask anything else :)

      1. Really? And was there a kitchen? I am sorry to ask you all these questions? I don’t want to clog your blog with my questions. I can send you an email if you don’t mind. And thank you so much.

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