Welcome to Port Douglas, Australia

My skin is a constant cocktail of insect repellent, sunscreen and sweat. The air feels close and oppressively still. I keep on thinking that bugs are landing on me but in actual fact it’s just water running down my saturated skin.

There’s no cold shower cold enough in Port Douglas, North Queensland. And there’s scarcely any difference between the temperature of the ocean and the air, either. The water’s warm enough to cook a pot noodle in!!! my friend jokes. Not that you can go in anyway – this is the season for box jellyfish.

Most places are air conditioned (I spent at least twice the length of time I needed to in the supermarket simply because it was so amazingly cold), but it does make you feel like you’re inside a big machine – silence is precious.


I watched the sun set in awe as all the colours changed and the storms raged in the distance. Hundreds of birds had flown into the trees presumably to roost for the night and the noise was incredible. Little green feathers occasionally floated down next to me. Once the light had almost gone entirely, I looked up to see huge bats circling above me. And not just a few – dozens of them! I’ve never seen so much life around me.

Port Douglas sunset complete-1 LR

In December I quit my day job and for the last month I have been travelling around New Zealand and now Australia… and I’ve got 3 months more :)

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