cotswolds in autumn

The golden Cotswolds in Autumn

I’m the first person to moan about the end of summer, but the Cotswolds in autumn is so beautiful that I really can’t complain. By going to this beautiful little part of the country you can really see the best of the season.

Lower Slaughter sunset-3

So one autumn I decided to do a little weekend cycle round around the area, hopping from village to village. It’s probably one of the most relaxing rides I’ve ever done. And what’s great is that so many of these villages are within easy cycling distance from each other. Cycle a few miles along some country roads, hop off and have a wander in a village, repeat, and you’ve got a brilliant day ahead of you.

The Cotswolds is beautiful in any season, but autumn feels particularly special. Everything turns to gold. By evening the honey-coloured buildings are bathed in warm sunlight and yellowing leaves cover the trees and ground. These photos were taken in Lower Slaughter, a stunning little village close to Bourton-on-the-water. It’s one of the prettiest villages in the area and it’s easy to see why. Wander around the streets, be nosey and look at all the little details in the houses and gardens…

Lower slaughter river 2-1

Bourton-on-the-water is a good place to start exploring The Cotswolds, whether by car or bike. There’s lots of accommodation from grand hotels to modest B&Bs and many of the nicest villages are just a leisurely ride away. There’s also a bicycle rental shop, so you have no excuses to not get out on a bike!

Lower slaughter river-1

It really is as genteel and charming as you’d imagine, but refreshingly modest; these houses belong to real people and they’re not emblazoned with tourist gimmicks. Pack a picnic, fill a flask and be incredibly English. Jolly good show.


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8 thoughts on “The golden Cotswolds in Autumn

  1. Oh my gosh, that is so beautiful! I used to complain about the end of summer as well, but now that I live in Singapore, a place that has a never ending summer, I wish I could have some cold days!

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