cape reinga, new zealand

Welcome to my new blog

I finally took the plunge; I have a new blog!

I decided that I’d outgrown my blog and have transferred it here to As a total novice to most things internet, I can tell you that it’s been a long and steep learning curve!

So welcome! There are still some bits and bobs to sort out but I’m working through them slowly but surely…

In the next few days I will be setting up a redirect from my old blog to this new site. From then on you won’t see those old posts any more, but most of the content is now here. I’ll also be transferring all my subscribers to this new site too – I hope you like it :)

THANK YOU!!! for all your support – past, present and future.


P.S. If anyone is considering moving their blog from to, I absolutely recommend the site . It tells you everything you need to know in a way that total novices can understand. There’s no doubt that I couldn’t have done this without it.

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