Secret Streets of Piran: An Introduction

Piran sunrise

A little spit of land leading out into the sparkling Adriatic Sea, Piran belongs to Slovenia but it feels like a little, lesser-known Venice. The streets are tiny and beautiful and they beg to be explored.

Turn a blind corner down any one of the main streets and you’ll find yourself either alone or amongst locals going about their business. As the streets are too small for most vehicles there is only a feeling of serenity.

Piran street detail LR2

The houses are colourful and random; the Venetians left their mark here from when they ruled it centuries ago. They are also tiny, just like the streets. Walls are adorned with exotic flowers that hum with insects, and it truly feels like paradise. Welcome to the streets of Piran.

Piran old street









6 thoughts on “Secret Streets of Piran: An Introduction

  1. Unbelievably lovely photography here and everywhere on your site. What a great life in the outdoors you have. Truly jealous but the pictures and great writing are going to allow me to live vicariously a bit here and I look forward to reading all of these posts. Keep it up!

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