Park Guell Sunset

Barcelona Park Guell sunset panorama

And finally, here is my most ambitious photo of Barcelona: an HDR composite of a sunset over Park Guell, a fantastic garden designed by Antoni Gaudi. I’m not sure I want to admit to how many photos I took to make this (and this is the cropped version)!

This was my first attempt at an HDR image (though I appreciate them in many contexts, I’m not a huge fan and I think they can easily be overdone). It took me the longest to take and edit by far, but I do actually prefer most of the other photos I’ve taken. Still, I thought it would be a good treatment for the colours and surreality of Park Guell :)

So that just about wraps up my series of photos from Barcelona. I absolutely love the place. So much colour and innovation, and the food! Europe is full of stunning cities, and Barcelona certainly earns its place amongst the best of them.

(But Rome is still my no.1!)

Sagrada Familia Balcony panorama

Another panorama taken from the Sagrada Familia Church.

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