We went to an abandoned gunpowder factory

Kennall Vale Panorama

Deep in the recesses of Cornwall lies Kennall Vale, a tangle of greenery, waterfalls and long-abandoned factory buildings. They were built in the 19th century and produced gunpowder for the mines that dominated Cornwall at this time – the high humidity was perfect as it reduced the risk of explosions. Now it’s a Cornish jungle.

On a whim, after my friends and I had taken our fill of lunch in Falmouth, we went to explore it…

But before I continue: as I logged in to WordPress today for the first time in roughly two weeks I received a happy first anniversary message; it is exactly a year ago that I started this blog and I didn’t even realise! How time flies. So I would just like to say a big thank you to all you lovely readers, followers, and patient subjects of my photography; it is a real pleasure to have this blog, and to have built up a network of fantastic peers :)

Now back to Cornwall…

It was dark and drizzly, the air was saturated, and water ran through every crevice. Ferns and beech trees sprawl up, bathing the surroundings in dappled green hues. Remnants of the factory emerge through the greenery, still largely intact.

Kennall Vale Cornwall-1

The first taster of Kennall Vale (above). We then descended further into the depths…

Kennall Vale Cornwall-17 copy

Kennall Vale Cornwall-4

The greenery and humidity make the vale feel like a rainforest.

Kennall Vale Cornwall-3

As usual, the rain joined our exploration.

Kennall Vale Cornwall-13 copy

A stream runs through the heart of the vale.

Kennall Vale Cornwall-5

Kennall Vale Cornwall-7 copy

Kennall Vale Cornwall-8 copy

The sturdy old buildings pepper the landscape.

Kennall Vale Cornwall-11 copy

Waterfalls cascade through…

Kennall Vale Cornwall-10 copy

… and you can climb all around them.

Kennall Vale Cornwall-12 copy

Kennall Vale Cornwall-16 copy

It feels as though you’re part of a computer game.

Kennall Vale Cornwall-9 copy

Kennall Vale Cornwall-14 copy

Kennall Vale Cornwall-15 copy

The slippery slope down.

Kennall Vale Cornwall-18 copy

For more information about Kennall Vale, check out these sites:


5 thoughts on “We went to an abandoned gunpowder factory

  1. Very cool, and I am equally impressed by the high heeled boot wellies.:)

    I now have another location in the UK I need to investigate, this place looks lovely.

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