venice in november

Beautiful photos of Venice in winter to make you fall in love

I’m a big fan of travelling off season, and Venice in winter is the perfect example of why. The city feels like a different place compared to the gaudiness of high summer; in winter it becomes a place for easy and endless wandering through empty streets bathed in fog or soft sunlight. Everywhere is serene and ridiculously atmospheric, not to mention hopelessly romantic. This is no tacky romance, though; it’s more Lost in Translation than Titanic.

But I won’t go into too much detail here – I wrote another post about why you should visit Venice in November – instead I’m just going to let the photos do the talking. Hopefully they’ll convince you of the magic Venice has to offer during one of Europe’s worst months for travelling. In fact, I’d actually say I prefer it…


Blue Venice-1-5

Grand Canal-sunset

Blue Venice-1-8

Venice at night-2-vertical

Venice at night 3-1

Blue Venice-1-11

Venice at night 4-1

Blue Venice 2 Dusk

Blue Venice 2-1-3

Blue Venice 2-1-4

Blue Venice 2-1-2 Dawn

So if you’re wondering when is best to visit Venice, or are looking to go away somewhere in early winter, how about Venice in November?


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13 thoughts on “Beautiful photos of Venice in winter to make you fall in love

  1. Your photos are gorgeous! Venice is definitely on my travel bucket list.
    ps – fellow midlands-er here with a lot of wanderlust! Your blog is quenching my thirst for travel :P

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