walk of the gods

The 1600-step walk from Nocelle to Positano

This is the last little section of the Amalfi Coast’s Walk of the Gods (you can read about the rest of Walk of the Gods here). By this point you’ve spent some time descending, your head is no longer in the clouds (at least not literally, anyway), and the land starts to close in on you. A lot of people don’t rate this part much, but I do – it’s stunning. Here’s why:

walk Nocelle to Positano Walk of the Gods

To pick up from my last post, close to the end of the walk you enter the village of Nocelle. This is where I stayed during my time on the Amalfi Coast, a very windy 30-minute bus ride from Positano – or 1600 steps. I’m in love with Nocelle. Despite the fact that hotels and B&Bs constitute, I would guess, about half of the buildings, it’s still quiet, beautiful and atmospheric. Along the tiny steep streets (almost nowhere is flat) are local children playing, elders chatting in the evening sun. And when you turn your back on the village to look out to sea you are greeted with the most gorgeous views.

walk Nocelle to Positano Walk of the Gods

From Nocelle you start the 1600-step descent, walking past lovely little houses and gardens (if you’re wondering about the sudden change of light, I did this bit the next day :) )

Walk to Positano-3

Walk to Positano-2

And eventually the trees clear, the views open out, and you get a glimpse of Positano:

Walk to Positano-4

Not long after, the steps finish quite abruptly on a road which winds its way to Positano. I love these roads; they’re totally at the mercy of the shape of the land and snake around the cliff faces. There are a number of sparkling beaches to tempt you along the way, so make sure you bring some swimming gear!

Walk to Positano-5

Walk to Positano-9

It was quite hazy on the day I did this walk, and I loved the way the horizon often blended seamlessly into the sky:

Walk to Positano-10

Walk to Positano-6

There are some slightly more inaccessible beaches along the way too, though I’m sure there’s a way to get down to them somewhere. This man is in the enviable position of having a beach on the Amalfi Coast all to himself – in August!:

walk to Positano-11

I was always amazed to see houses perched so precariously on the cliff faces:

Walk to Positano-12a

And how every home, hotel, and B&B had absolutely stunning views:

To Positano beach

Then before you know it, you’re already in Positano. Time to grab some food!

Positano beach

20 thoughts on “The 1600-step walk from Nocelle to Positano

  1. Reblogged this on paulasnyder.com and commented:
    In my travels around the inter webs I landed on this blog which I follow semi-regularly. I had to share with you these beautiful photographs of Positano, Italy which I think are so stunning and vivid. I can already picture how id use them in a design project.

  2. Really amazing photos and great review, I’m going there in three months and after finding this site I’m looking forward to this trip even more :) :) Can you please tell me which camera and lens did you use to take these photos?

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