World Pillow Fight Day London 2013

Trafalgar Square turned into a sea of feathers as hundreds of people took part in World Pillow Fight Day on Saturday.

Pillow fight day London-6a

Pillow fight day London-12a

Pillow fight day London-11a

Frenzied participants unleashed  their fury in the capital for almost two hours. All those with pillows were targets.

Pillow fight day London-4a

Pillow fight day London-3a

Pillow fight day London-9a

“Get the zebra girl!!!” Sometimes attacks were partially co-ordinated.

Pillow fight day London-5a

Pillows burst open during the offensive.

Pillow fight day London-7a

Pillow fight day London-8a

Pillow fight day London-1a

Pillow fight day London-2a

Pillow fight day London-10a

Pillow fight day London-14a

As people dispersed masses of feathers and polyester were revealed. London was just one of many cities across the world to take part.

Pillow fight day London-17a

Pillow fight day London-13a


World Pillow Fight London 2013-1

Pillow fight day London-15a

Pillow fight day London-18a

And finally, please spare a thought for this chap…

Pillow fight day London-19a

*******************************************  A technical note ****************************************************

The Canon 5D mark 3’s AF system

This event was probably my focusing system’s greatest challenge to date. Feathers were flying everywhere, people were moving erratically and in and out of the frame all the time. The AF system fared ridiculously well. In fact it kept pace with everything *much* better than I did! So in all I just wanted to say how impressed I am with it; it just got things *right*…

And in case anyone was wondering, I had the camera set to AI SERVO (continual focusing) and “Case 3″ of the AF configuration tool (which, I quote, is supposed to”instantly focus on subjects entering AF points”).

5 thoughts on “World Pillow Fight Day London 2013

    1. That’s awesome, thanks for letting me know!! I will definitely attend another in the future (cannot make the next one unfortunately).

      Incidentally, I think a huge flash mob bubble “fight” (??) should be arranged. We could fill the sky/London with thousands of bubbles………

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