At the top of Slovenia

We walked along a deserted road that winds beside Lake Bohinj, Slovenia. Whilst there are a few hotels and houses on our side, across the still water there are only trees and mountains. Several hours ago we had left our B&B in Ribcev Laz to find the cable car that would take us to the top of the mountains that loomed over us.

We found it. In a short while we were whisked away higher and higher, the world below us growing smaller. The village we left earlier was now just a collection of dots at the foot of the brooding Alps. The cable car wobbled; a small lurch that reminded us of how we are at the mercy of this feat of engineering lassoed around a colossal peak.

The sun was already setting as we left the cable car, and the world was literally below our feet; we could see all its details through the mesh of the tiny metal platform that held us. We were now at the base of Vogel Ski Resort.

Vogel ski sunset-1 LR

As the last rays of light hit the Slovenian mountains, including Triglav, the highest of them all, we had just enough time to set up the tripod for one incredibly triumphant photo…

Ash and J mountain top LR

… And another of the glowing mountains at dusk:

Mountain sunset-2 LR

9 thoughts on “At the top of Slovenia

  1. What beautiful snowy photos, the mountains and the sky are just stunning! I bet the views were well worth the chilly weather! I’m hopefully going to be visiting Slovenia over the summer but I imagine they weather will be very different!

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