The streets that Picasso walked (Part 2 of 3)

A photographic wander through the streets of central Barcelona.
May 2013

Part 2 – Art and colour

Barcelona graffiti-1

Every space is a canvas; the walls, the doors, the shutters.

Barcelona graffiti art-1

Barcelona art wall-1

Art and colour is in the very fabric of Barcelona.

From the manmade

Barcelona street colourful-1

to the organic;

Barcelona market food-1-2

Barcelona market food-1

from the bold graffiti

Barcelona graffiti art-1-2

Barcelona graffiti door-1

and the glaring streets’ lights at night

Barcelona night colour-1-2

Barcelona night colour-1

to the soft pastel tones of the walls at day;

Barcelona street colour soft-1

Barcelona street colour soft-1-2

the colour and creativity flows.

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