Faces of Rome

These are some photos of the faces that caught my eye in Piazza Navona, Rome. With bright blue skies and glorious, novel sunshine, it was amazing to leave behind those endless grey skies of Buckingham.

While most people were out and about with their wide angle lenses, I lugged my 70-200mm around the capital all day. Perhaps, given the choice, I would also have taken a wide angle. Or perhaps the tiny 50mm (which I do have). But I wanted to do things a little differently. The 70-200 worked brilliantly for these type of candid portraits, with the way it throws out the backgrounds enough to isolate the people and unclutter the photo – but not so much that they’re taken entirely out of context. So don’t discount it for the streets! If only it was a little lighter and less conspicuous…

Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy, June 2012

I imagine that these guys must be used to wide-eyed tourists taking pictures of them all the time, as he never once looked up from his article.

I just love the huge, compelling smile on this chap’s face.

From one form of art to another, this man was sat motionless on the corner of the street near the Piazza.

A musician. I like the combination of enjoyment, concentration and confidence in his expression.

I named this pic ‘The Proprietor’; his stance just oozes ownership. I love his confident but warm smile as he catches me taking a photo.

Explaining a delicate point.

This chap was entirely engrossed in a very quick-handed card game. Once again, I’m sure he must be used to people like me taking pictures. I didn’t dare to disturb him through fear of him losing the round!

2 thoughts on “Faces of Rome

  1. Awesome photos, nice to see a different form of tourist photography. The wrinkles near the eyes of the street artist tell a lovely story :)

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